WE KNOW 360°

After five generations of cameras, we've gained expertise in multiple 360° configurations including:
Single Lens 360°, Dual Lens Full 360°, and 3D Stereoscopic 360°.
Each camera solution can be tailored to any form factor centered around you and your user's needs.
Our passion and unrelenting pursuit of innovation has led us to redefine what is possible in video capture, virtual reality, and visual storytelling.
360fly started in a robotics lab out of Carnegie Mellon University. A technology once used for robots has progressed into our fifth generation of 360° cameras we use to capture life's most memorable moments. Some of our most notable firsts are: 360° live streaming from device to device and the first US company to live stream 360° video from a medical operation. However, our sphere of influence goes much deeper. From live NBA games to trending music videos, and acrobatic air shows to deep sea explorations; we've captured it all. Today we're building the next generation of 360fly, pushing the limits of cinematography even further.
Tailored for each new project, our process is dynamic, results-oriented, and driven by a team fueled by years of 360° experience.
Our team provides dynamic thinking while aware of reality, by understanding the needs and constraints up front. We explore and deliver a wide range of implementable yet bold ideas. By rolling up our sleeves and testing our ideas, learning through doing, to gain a deeper insight. We help envision opportunities and accelerate them to market-ready 360° solutions.
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